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The name is John Richardson.

The interest is promoting greater participation in the democratic process.

The means is through the promotion of independent candidates and those political parties that recognize that the political process belongs to the citizens and NOT to the parties.

Want to make a real choice! – Vote Independent

Want to make a real difference – Become an Independent


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  1. Vaughan Lyon says:

    John, I agree with the values behind the independent candidates proposal. I am in the process of distributing a book (Power Shift) on the same general subject that interests you. A complimentary copy will be forthcoming if you provide me with a mailing address for you or the party.

    There is now a formidable number of groups advocating reforms in the system and university and government departments doing the same. We need to get together and combine our strength in some way in order to maximize our impact. My book has some suggestions on what our target should be. I think you will agree with it. Best, Vaughan Lyon, Prof. Emeritus (Political Science) Trent University.

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